Frequently Asked Questions

HOW LONG DOES A FULL GROOM TAKE? – Usually allow one and a half to two hours, this will vary depending on the breed, coat type and temperament.

HOW MUCH PARKING SPACE IS REQUIRED? – We have a car and a trailer, so we will require approximately 3 car lengths.

IS AN ELECTRICITY POINT REQUIRED TO PLUG INTO? – Yes, the bath, clippers and blow dryer on board the trailer can only be powered via a cable which needs to be plugged into the mains.

DO I HAVE TO BE THERE? – You will need to be there when we arrive, although, we can make arrangements should you need to go out whilst we are there.

CAN I COME ON BOARD THE TRAILER? – Yes, although we do not normally advise this as your pet will be more relaxed if they are not trying to get their mum and dads attention.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE MORE THAN ONE DOG? – Each dog will be allocated a time slot and groomed individually.

IS THERE A NEED FOR ACCESS TO WATER? – No, we carry all our water, heated, on board.

CAN MY DOG BE GROOMED OUTSIDE MY PLACE OF WORK? – Yes, providing it is permitted and there is access to enough parking and an electrical point.