Eye and Ear Care

Firstly, drop eared dogs, such as Cocker Spaniels etc., require more attention than dogs with cropped or short ears.

There is less air circulating there, and the warm and moist conditions are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria etc., We use a natural cleaning solution to swab out the ears hopefully leaving them clean, depending on the condition of the pets ears to start with. We will not attempt to clean any badly infected ears, you will be referred to a Vet. Smaller ears, such as Shih Tzus, may require plucking, this will be done, as long as the pet is in agreement with this!

Eyes, the window to the soul. Your dogs eyes should appear alert and clear, unless they are old. We will wipe away any crust that has built up in the corner of your dogs eyes, using a simple warm wash cloth. left unchecked it could be a source of irritation and may instigate an infection.