About Dapper Dogs

We came to this business as a result of having been around dogs all our lives, both our families being heavily involved with dogs and dog breeding.

We have always had dogs and have always wanted to make a difference to the lives of those that we could.  We are a family run business and have been established since 2006.  We are the longest running mobile grooming spa in Cornwall.   Dog grooming Cornwall is our passion, and we have recently opened a small groom room in Hayle.  We are dedicated to the use of all natural and / or organic products, shampoos, conditioners and doggie colognes.  We firmly believe that chemicals in any dog products can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of the skin and fur of your pet as well as the general overall wellbeing.

We fully support the animal welfare act 2006 which details a duty of care towards animals (dogs), including their need for;

  1. A suitable environment
  2. A suitable diet
  3. To be able to exhibit normal behavior patterns
  4. A need for suitable housing
  5. A need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

Dog Grooming Cornwall

Dapper dogs – Dog Grooming Cornwall is always available for any advice that we can offer.  We understand that dogs will get knotty from time to time.  If a dog is excessively knotted we cannot de-matt them as this would cause pain and suffering (5).  We as groomers at dapper dogs – dog grooming Cornwall have been thoroughly trained in dealing with your dog’s skin condition and fur.  If we can de-matt safely, without any pain or suffering, we will, if we can’t we won’t, and the dog will have to be shaved.  Luckily, for us all, a dog’s fur will re-grow all being well, and we can start again with adequate brushing, grooming, bathing etc., ultimately resulting in a happy dog and hopefully a happy owner.